about us

Aybar Engineering PLC is an innovative company that was established to develop and manufacture improved and new agricultural machinery for smallholder farmers. The company was established in Ethiopia in 2006 and became fully operational in 2012. Over the last ten years, the company has invented a number of new and improved agricultural machinery for primary tillage, secondary tillage, planting and weeding operations, out of which more than 10 inventions have already been patented while others are pending. Some of these innovations include Aybar BBM, Berken Maresha, Sost Egir Maresha, 5-rows teff seeds-cum- fertilizer drill, 2-rows wheat and barley seed-cum-fertilizer drill, furrow openers, seed covering devices, tractor drawn BBM and manually operated & oxen drawn inter-row weeders as well as manually operated water pumps.

Our Mission

to invent and improve agricultural machines for sustainable smallholder crop production.

Our Vision

to become the leading innovative agricultural machinery manufacturing company in Africa